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What to Expect

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

WELCOME. . . First of all relax, you are in good hands. Dr. Martin has 37 years of experience and Brenda has been assisting people for 30 years. Please dress in comfortable clothes and be prepared to be in the office for 45 minutes.

On the first visit you will fill out simple information forms. Dr. Martin will conduct a personal History interview with you and then a Physical exam to help determine what the actual problem is and what treatment approach will be best for you. If further testing such as X-rays or other tests are justified we will discuss this. Dr. Martin has access to all X-ray, CT-scan and MRI reports thru the 2 hospitals in Moncton. If emergency care is required to make you comfortable it will be provided, otherwise you will be asked to return tomorrow in order to give Dr. Martin time to review your information and test results.

On your second visit a treatment program will be suggested and treatment will begin. Treatment options will be explained in advance so there are no surprises. Brenda will review office procedures and office fees with you. She will do her best to help you with forms and any questions you might have. Again no surprises.

Regular chiropractic appointments typically require just 15 minutes. Periodically your progress will be evaluated and this may require some extra time.  We treat many children for a variety of spine related problems. Dr. Martin will explain this further and you are welcome to bring your kids in for a check up.  We want your office visits to be as relaxing as possible.

  • First Visit. To find out if we can help you, we ask questions and listen.
  • Second Visit. We’ll report what we found and answer all your questions.
  • Regular Visit. A typical visit will be much shorter, but just as important!

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