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Moncton Chiropractor : Dr. Frank Martin

“Many problems that we, as adults suffer with, actually began when we were children.”

Moncton Chiropractor, Dr. Frank Martin

Moncton Chiropractor, Dr. Frank Martin

We all have our special interests, after 35 years in practice I have a couple.

Treating Kids. In my 35 years of practice experience I’ve found that most adult problems, usually begin in childhood – even the process of birth (yes, you read that right) can be very traumatic for the new born. Imagine your body being forced down a small tube and then your head being grabbed and twisted while someone 15 times your size pulls you out by your head. WOW! A little extreme but you get my point.  This is why I believe all children should be checked for spine and joint problems.

Motor Vehicle Accident Victims. The injuries sustained in MVAs’ can be multi-dimensional and extremely complicated. Without an understanding of the extent of these injuries many people continue to suffer needlessly. The multi-dimensional approach that I use to assist people with these problems far exceeds the band aid approach of “oh well, it’s just a whiplash”.  If you are an accident victim lets talk.

My personal experience with this situation came to a head in 2009.  I had suffered with a shoulder problem for 8 years and just could not find a solution.  I was forced to retire from Chiropractic. Finally I found a Chiropractor who was able to successfully get my nervous system functioning normally and my shoulder problem healed.  16 months after retiring I was able to return to practice and opened the Elmwood Chiropractic Clinic.

I am one practitioner who can relate directly to those of you with chronic health problems.  An unrelenting problem can change your personality, destroy your self-esteem, your ability to cope and no one understands this unless you’ve been through it.  Sound familiar?  If you suffer from a work injury, MVA or other form of chronic injury lets talk.

Please help me help as many people as possible; if someone you know or a family member has a health concern ask them to call me.  We will work our hardest to overcome their concerns.

Thank you for learning more about me.  I will now learn more about you…

Dr. Frank

Elmwood Chiropractic Clinic | (506) 204-6806